We are a group who seek to promote international friendship and understanding.

We meet together regularly for social events and fundraising and take part in exchange visits with similar groups from our twin cities and partner towns abroad.

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Recently,we received the following request from Kiel:

On behalf of the town president of the city of Kiel (Mr Tovar) – Coventry became the first twin city to Kiel after WW II – I’m assigned to revive relations on the level of youth exchange programs for both cities as the German coordinator. The office of the town president, has chosen a head teacher and me, sending us to get in contact with responsible and adequate persons in the field of schools and youth work in Coventry and its vicinity. My team colleague Mr. Joerg Thomas is the head teacher of a comprehensive community school situated in the so-called East Bank neighbourhood of Kiel.
Our task is to develop contacts and ideas of options required for building up partnership relations with institutions and / or organizations like schools, associations, creative centres, church congregations to install and implement exchange and encounter programs for German and British girls and boys.
Unfortunately, our request is very short-term and the time frame is limited: We’ll stay in Coventry as of January 30th (evening) until February 3rd (noon). For this period of time we have to arrange a schedule of meetings and talks with interested institutions and organizations to become partners in these future projects.

As a result, from Wednesday 32 January-Friday 2 February, we were pleased to meet Deacon Sebastian Schneider and Headteacher, Joerg Thomas and to arrange approriate visits and introductions for them in a jam packed 3 days. They had already contacted Coventry Schools with limited success and with our help made fruitful visits to:

Bluecoats Secondary School

King Henry V111 Senior School

Bablake Senior School

St Elizabeth's Primary School, Foleshill

St Albans Church

Tours of the Cathedral and The Council House

Thanks go to: 

Ram Lakha (OBE)

Pru Poretta (Lady Godiva)

Mary Goodwin (CAIF member; Cathedral Guide and Coventry German Circle member) 

Richard Parker (CAIF member; Cathedral Guide and Coventry German Circle member)

David Hirons (Caif member)

We hope that exhanges with young people from Coventry and Kiel will happen in the not too distant future.

Linda Hirons (CAIF Secretary)